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Thanks for taking the time to explore my web site. You’ll find lots of inspiring stuff here, including my metaphysical novels, The Hidden Life of Jesus Christ: A Memoir, and House of the Sun: A Metaphysical Novel of Maui. You can download sample chapters for free, and if you want to read more, you can buy the books through Just click on the BUY NOW links and that will take you to my books on Amazon.

This site also contains my blog, which deals with spirituality. I’m available on Facebook, although not Twitter, because trying to say anything meaningful in 140 characters is like trying to write a newspaper story using only headlines.

I know about headlines, because I spent almost 30 years as a newspaper journalist in Ohio and Maui, Hawaii. (I know, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.) After my journalism career, I became a Unity minister and retired from active ministry in August of 2009 to devote the “third half” of my life to writing inspirational fiction.

The years on Maui inspired my novel House of the Sun: A Metaphysical Novel of Maui. House of the Sun is the English translation of the Hawaiian word “Haleakala.” Haleakala is the massive quiescent volcano on Maui – a sacred site for many Hawaiians.

The years in Unity ministry inspired my second novel, The Hidden Life of Jesus Christ: A Memoir, which is a controversial look at the man who is worshipped as a god by billions of Christian believers. What was he doing between the ages of 12 and 30, when he began his recorded ministry? Did he have an intimate relationship with Mary Magdalene? How did he learn to do the so-called miracles he was recorded as having done? Could he have traveled to Egypt and India to learn from avatars and sages? Did he really die on the cross?

I am progressive, especially in spiritual matters. I believe that hidebound, conservative churches have fostered fear, guilt, and shame among their members in order to control them and keep them coming back on Sunday – and oh, by the way, to keep filling those collection plates.

I’m much more interested in spirituality than I am in religion – as you’ll discover from my blog and my books. This puts me in a minority, although that minority is growing. For example, a Newsweek survey taken in 2009 showed that almost 30 percent of American adults called themselves “spiritual, not religious.” That means that 60 million American adults believe they are spiritual – but not particularly religious.

I intend to be a measured, calm voice for progressive spirituality. I believe the American people are weary of the shouting, temper-tantrum religious right commentators they see on television and hear on radio. There’s a place for restrained, civil, progressive discussion in this country, and you’ve found it here, and in my books.

Buy both of them, and come back here often.